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This website will step you through the Land Tenure Pathway for Irrigated Agriculture (LTPIA). To help you navigate through the pathway there are different colours and icons used to identify each of the four stages.

There are four stages of the LTPIA, as outlined in the overview provided in Start Your Application. Each stage in the pathway is assigned its own colour so you can identify it easily. Each stage will outline everything you need to know and what actions you need to take. You will also find a number of links to download accompanying documents or to view relevant websites.

The four stages are identified in the colours shown below.


Before beginning your application

On this page, there are some questions for you to consider before you start your application. On this page you will find a 'Yes' and 'No' button option to click. If you click the 'Yes' button it will give you some instructions in a coloured box for what you need to do.


Navigating the steps and completing your tasks

Key steps for you to work through in each stage appear and within a step there are tasks for you to complete.

To view the information that you need to know and find out what you need to do for each task, click on the arrow on the right hand side to expand the content. 


To help you keep track of your progress within a step or for each stage, click on the round task button on the left hand side and a tick will appear, as shown below. The tick will ensure your changes are saved and you can continue from where you last stopped. (Please ensure cookies are enabled to be able to save your progress.)


Additional Information

There are extra tips and important information, throughout the website. These are identifiable by different icons so you can easily recognise them. The tips give you a reminder, hint or highlight important information to help you progress through the pathway. These icons are shown in the image below.


Page updated 10/08/2017

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